Quail Ridge

Quail Ridge Nature Preserve is located in Lamar, Colorado. It provides shortgrass prairie open space near housing developments. Here, native flora and fauna have a place they can call home.

The landscape at Quail Ridge includes buffalograss, blue grama, little bluestem, and sideoats grama, dotted with soaptree yucca and a variety of wildflowers, such as blazingstar, sunflower, scurf pea, Colorado gumweed, buffalo gourd, lacy tansyaster, scarlet globemallow, showy milkweed, prairie clover, and devil’s claw. Wildlife observed on the preserve include scaled quail, pronghorn, coyotes, raptors, badgers, and others.

SPLT aims to promote awareness among residents of the nearby housing development of the need to protect and respect this open space preserve.