Explore the Southern Plains

SPLT is a proud member of the Great Plains Ecotourism Coalition. The Southern Plains is a wonderful place to explore for natural treasures. It is quiet and remote and contains important public lands that belong to you, even if you have never visited them. It’s worth the trip. The Southern Plains is rich in both natural history and human experience, and we guarantee you’ll learn a lot by getting out of your car and hiking a prairie trail or two.

Visit the Southern Plains National Grasslands, managed by the U.S. Forest Service, and you can view the extraordinary dance of the lesser prairie-chicken, watch the hustle and bustle of black-tailed prairie dog towns, see ancient pictographs, and enjoy a prairie river.

Celebrate wildlife by attending a wildlife festival in the region. Several of the area’s small towns are sponsoring these festivals out of recognition that the fate of native animals and human communities are intertwined.

Here’s our shortlist of great places to visit!

Contact us if you have further tips for exploring the Southern Plains. Email us at splt@southernplains.org or 720-841-1757.