Losing & Recovering the American Serengeti

Losing and Recovering the American Serengeti: Dan Flores Talk Series

September 2017

Author Dan Flores

Author Dan Flores


Southern Plains Land Trust and Defenders of Wildlife are sponsoring a series of three talks in the Front Range by Dan Flores, a western historian and best-selling author. Western history fans, wildlife lovers, and prairie enthusiasts, will all enjoy Flores’ talk, based on his recent book, American Serengeti: The Last Big Animals of the Great Plains. In this award-winning book, Flores recounts the tremendous wildlife diversity and abundance that once occurred in the Great Plains. The term American Serengeti brings home the idea that North America’s grasslands once hosted teeming and diverse wildlife, on the same level of excitement as what remains in national parks within the African Serengeti. In America, that included countless bison, pronghorn, elk, and wild horses. Chasing them around were scores of grizzly bears, wolves, and coyotes.


Flores explores in riveting detail how this fantastic world was lost during the settlement of the American West in the 1800s and 1900s. Flores writes, “What we did to the Great Plains was not some admirable conquest. It was a myopic, chaotic, unthinking destruction, and, I think, immoral.”


But there’s still time to recover America’s Serengeti and plenty of room for optimism. Flores draws from the region’s rich history to discuss the urgent need to preserve North America’s grasslands and restore native wildlife. He discusses initiatives to create large expanses of preserved areas, including efforts close to home, in southeastern Colorado.


Talk Locations & Times:

  • Denver: University of Denver Sturm College of Law Forum on Saturday, Sept. 16, from 5-7pm. Refreshments will be served.
  • Fort Collins: Avogadro’s Number Music Venue, Restaurant, and Bar in Fort Collins (605 S. Mason St.) on Sunday, Sept. 17, from 1-3pm.
  • Boulder: Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex Auditorium at the University of Colorado in Boulder (4001 Discovery Dr. at Foothills Pkwy. and Colorado Ave.) on Sunday, Sept. 17, at 6-8pm. Refreshments will be served.

Admission is free to each of these events.

Thank you to additional event sponsors:

  • Boulder County Audubon Society
  • Boulder Rights of Nature
  • Colorado Natural Heritage Program
  • Colorado Prairie Initiative
  • NatureNet
  • Northern Colorado Prairie Dog Advocates
  • Prairie Dog Coalition of the Humane Society of the United States
  • Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (at University of Denver)