Conservation Buyers

Join SPLT’s Conservation Buyers Network *

On prairie land acquisition, you can go it alone…

…or team up with other individuals in our conservation buyers network that are interested in protecting prairie properties. By combining forces, we can safeguard more acreage, which is good news for the native animals and plants that benefit from being a part of SPLT’s prairie reserve network.

If you are interested in joining with SPLT friends who are looking to acquire more land, please let us know, so we can put you in contact with our network of conservation buyers. You can help SPLT and prairie wildlife by buying land, and then donating either the land or a conservation easement on the land to SPLT.

Members of our conservation network are motivated first and foremost by the desire to conserve land for its natural values. However, you might also benefit from the substantial tax advantages of donating a conservation easement.

Contact or call 720-841-1757 for more information.