There are a lot of ways you can help:

  • Raise funds to buy land. Ideas include hosting a house party, holding a garage sale, or launching a fundraising campaign on ColoradoGives.org for SPLT.
  • Help us on the land. Join in on a work party. Equal parts play and work, they include such tasks as repairing or replacing fence to make our preserves more accessible to wildlife.
  • Grow ranks for the prairie. By staffing an information table at a farmer’s market, festival, or grocery store, you can help SPLT reach more supporters.
  • Help out at SPLT events. We can always use more people power at dining out days, auctions, and other events we hold to raise funds to buy land.

Have another idea for how you can help? Let’s hear it. In whatever way you want to get involved, email us at splt@southernplains.org or 720-841-1757.